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A new and exciting Kosher cookbook by Daniella Silver, author of The Silver Platter Cookbooks. Variations - Simple and delicious dishes. Two Ways. Pre-purchase and receive your signed copy at the book launch celebration!

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About Variations

For most home cooks, a simple but still delicious meal with a minimum of fuss and ingredients is an everyday necessity. However, there are also times when a recipe calls for something different, maybe a bit out of the ordinary. Yet few home cooks have the time to source and try new variations to favorite recipes.

In her latest cookbook, Variations, Daniella Silver, author of the best-selling Silver Platter series of cookbooks, has created recipes that use basic, simple ingredients and provides variations that present a different way to showcase the main recipe. For example, a chicken dish is shown how to become a main or as an appetizer, a salad can be prepared as family-styled or plated individually by serving it in a pretty presentation or dish, and a batch of cookies can also become ice cream sandwiches. To Daniella, the possibilities are endless.

I wrote Variations because I felt it’s time to change things up,” Daniella says. “I want readers to get creative with the foods they prepare by understanding that a recipe can be versatile in preparation or presentation.”

Each recipe in the book includes a “variation” of that recipe. These “variations” present a different way to showcase the main recipe; they often include additional ingredients, shown in bold type, to make a completely new dish. The photo on each page displays both the main recipe and the variation, so home cooks can see how each of them will look after they have been prepared.

Daniella’s delicious recipes cover everything from Appetizers, Soups and Salads; to Fish, Chicken and Meat; to Dairy, Grain and Vegetable Sides and Desserts.

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Daniella Photos

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